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26 September 2014

New (kinda-sorta) Hikaru no Go vid:
Wonderwall, Akira/Hikaru.

11 August 2014

New vid that premiered at Vividcon: A Single Man,
for the film of the same name.

25 July 2014

New vid for World Cup 2014, Germany national football team:
The River, The Woods.

9 February 2014

Six new vids from Festivids:
Freedom at 21, The White Queen;
Stop, Spiceworld: the Spice Girls movie;
You Look So Fine, Whitechapel;
Who Are You, Really?, Dredd (2012);
No Church in the Wild, The Tudors; and
Young and Beautiful, The Tudors.

31 August 2013

Three new vids that premiered at Vividcon:
Your Battlefield (Spartacus);
Va Va Voom (Merlin); and
Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary). | Nicky's Homepage & Portal
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