Fabella's videos hosted on this site:

Due South

Duet (AVI, 24.85MB)
"I'm not sitting up here on some throne." Fraser/RayK, Slash. 4:20 minutes, music by Jude.

Harry Potter

The Boy Was a Puppet (Real Media, 22.19MB)
One day Harry will be a real boy. Gen. Harry. Angst. 4:31 minutes, music All That I Am by Rob Thomas.

Invisible Man

Me, I'm a Thief (AVI, 18.66MB)
Life as a mouse, down a rabbit hole, with a gland in his head. Darien Fawkes character study, with Fawkes/Hobbes [slash, m/m]. 3:06 minutes, music by Sarah Slean.

Underdog (AVI, 23.50MB)
"What's wrong with survival?" Fawkes/Hobbes Slash, Fawkes POV, character/relationship study. 3:43 minutes, music by Turin Brakes.

The O.C.

Queer (AVI, 17.85MB)
Love is hard enough. Try doing it in the O.C., bitch. Seth/Ryan. Ryan POV. 2:32 minutes, music We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez.


Come On, Angel (AVI, 26.01MB)
"Once he's yours, he's yours for good. Now you behave like an Angel should." A study of the struggle between the Winchester brothers. Sam, Dean, John. GEN. Music by Sarah Slean.

Ghost Boy (AVI, 20.16MB)
"Sometimes it feels like you don't have a body." Gen. Sam vid. Or: Bring Your Own Subtext. 2:51 minutes, music Body by The Servant.

Kill It (AVI, 19.10MB)
They're brothers. With Issues. Sam/Dean, Dean POV. 2:57 minutes, music Hate This and I'll Love You by Muse.

Real Person Slash
Warnings: RPS! Real Person Slash. Another line in the sand smudged beyond repair.
Disclaimer: Whatever these videos hint at, imply, or beat you over the head with, it's not true.

Gone (the infatuation remix) (AVI, 26.6MB)
#1 way to lose something you've never had? Become rich, famous, and also Justin Timberlake. Popslash, JC/Justin. 4:31 minutes, music by N*Sync.

Documentary (It's Been A While) (AVI, 23.04MB)
A year of starvation. Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. Angst. AU. 3:23 minutes, music by Staind.

You're My Baby (AVI, 24.64MB)
Jared is a big puppy, and Jensen *adores* him. Jared/Jensen, w/ implied past JA/TW, and implied TW/MR. Experimental. 2:00 minutes, music by Jonathan Rice.

Movie fandoms

Momentary Seizure (AVI, 21.95MB)
MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO: "Love is a lot like having your shoes stolen." Mike, Mike/Scott, Character Study, Slash. Music Hot One by Shudder To Think.

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