Txlsplash's videos hosted on this site:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Ava Adore (21.56MB)
A study of the twisted Angel/Cordy/Connor relationship.

Miseryland (13.42MB)
Illyria is Wesley's ticket to Miseryland.

Not Like the Other Girls (16.07MB)
Shows Buffy from the eyes of Angel and Spike.

Zeppo Awards round 15: Best Shipper, Best Video

Causality (16.22MB)
Takes a look at Faith over the years. Music Sleep by Stabbing Westward.

The Buffinator Awards - Best Action Runner Up

Head Over Heels (13.86MB)
A fast, light look at Buffy and Faith's wild sides. Music by ABBA.

Incensed (8.65MB)
A short video portraying Willow's abuse of Dark Magics after she loses Tara.

The Buffinator Awards - "Best Effects" August 2004 | Touch My Soul - "Best Willow POV" August 2004 | Summers' Key - "Best Character Runner-Up" August 2004

Toxicity (10.66MB)
A video about L.A. and the people in it. Rated R. Music by System of a Down.

The Buffinator Awards- "Best Action" April 2004 | Touch My Soul- "Best Action" April 2004 | Gift of Death- "Best Action" March 2004 | Summers' Key- "Best Action" April 2004 | Fluffy Spuffy Awards- "Best Action" May 2004

Slayers (10.46MB)
A fast action video that depicts the slayers and their powers. Music State of Mind by Holly Valance.

The Buffinator Awards- "Best Action" March 2004 | Gift of Death- "Best Action" March 2004 | Summers' Key- "Most Unique" March 2004

The Last Conflagration (6.64MB)
A video comparing the two major battles in "Graduation Day Part II" and "Chosen". Music is the Final Fantasy VIII Theme by Nobuo Uematsu.

The Buffinator Awards - "Best Music" July 2003 | The Buffinator Awards, peer votes - "Best Action" July 2003 | The Buffinator Awards - "Best Action Runner-up" July 2003 | Summers' Key - "Best Action" July 2003 | WGTA awards - "Best Music," "Best Concept Runner Up," "Best Editing Runner Up"


Firefly (12.04MB)
A trailer-style look at the Firefly series. Music Drive by Apocalyptica.

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